Winja CTF | Nullcon Goa 2021

online winja ctf nullcon 2020

Winja Meets CTF for GIRLS (CTF4G) | SECCON 2020

winja ctf4g seccon 2020

Representatives of Winja CTF (India) and CTF for GIRLS (Japan) communities had a conversation during SECCON 2020 conference.

Winja CTF | c0c0n XIII

winja ctf c0c0n 2020

Winja organised Capture-the-Flag competition for all, women and men participants, at c0c0n 2020 security and hacking virtual conference.

Winja Blogs | September 2020

winja blog 2020

We conducted a technical blog writing workshop for women participants.

Winja Talks | 22 August 2020

winja talk 2020

We invited women speakers to present technical talks on a topic of their choice.

Winja CTF | Nullcon Goa 2020

winja ctf nullcon 2020

Capture-the-Flag competition was organised for women-only participants at Nullcon Goa 2020 security conferece.