Winja CTF | c0c0n XIII

winja ctf c0c0n 2020

Winja organised Capture-the-Flag competition for all, women and men participants, at c0c0n 2020 security and hacking virtual conference.

After several lengthy discussions, brainstormings, and sleepless nights, we were finally ready with the second Winja CTF of the year 2020 (first being the one held at Nullcon Goa on 06-MAR-2020). This time we did not limit ourselevs to women participants. The competition was kept open for all.

CTF Write-ups

There were many enthsiatic men and women who participated in the Winja CTF challenge. The relentless efforts, excitement and the exemplary outputs of our participants made it all worthwhile. We want to thank all the participants who truly enjoyed being part of the event. We especially want to thank those who went a step ahead and published the write-ups for our CTF challenges. Mentioned below are links to some of the write-ups that were submitted to us:

  1. Winja CTF x Nullcon x c0c0n 2020 | By Nitesh Surana
  2. Winja CTF — c0c0n 2020 — Writeup | By Aravindha Hariharan
  3. Winja CTF 2020: Write-up | By Raj Upadhyay


It all began with a simple question. When Antriksh had asked the Winja team if we wanted to do something for c0c0n, we said “Yes” even before deciding what exactly it was that we wanted to do.

Backed with a group of technical, energetic and curious team of young people, Winja team decided to organize the Winja CTF event for c0c0n 2020 Security and Hacking Virtual Conference. In less than two weeks of time, we had to make sure that not only the CTF challenges were ready, but that the CTFd platform was ready too. For a moment it felt like it might be impossible to achieve what we’ve committed for, but, looking at the collective energy of the entire team and the constant support provided by Antriksh, everything looked doable. We were all game for it.

On the day of the online event, Winja CTF team stayed virtually connected on a Zoom call for the entire duration of the CTF. As we watched the competition progress, we felt the same kind of excitement that anyone would feel while watching their favorite game show. The changing graphs were very interesting to look at. Have a look at some of the snapshots that were taken at various points in time, during the competition:

The Winner

“James” was the only participant to score over 4000 points. He had a close competition with other teams who kept coming to the top again and again. But, ultimately he won the competition and received one month subscription to Pentester Academy.

The Runner-up

Our runner-up from “TeamShakti” had the option to choose from one of the following books, and, she chose the book “Pentesting Azure Applications: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Securing Deployments”:

  1. Pentesting Azure Applications: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Securing Deployments
  2. Black Hat Go: Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters
  3. The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide to Penetration Testing

Organisers & Sponsors

We are thankful to c0c0n for giving us this wonderful opportunity to host the Winja CTF event on their virtual platform. The virtual booth concept introduced by c0c0n was really interesting. Winja CTF team took turns to be available on the booth and to interact with the visitors.

We are also thankful to Nullcon for sponsoring the prizes.

The CTF Team

Guess who had the most fun? Us! While participants had an adrenaline rush for 4 hours, we shared the same feeling for almost two weeks. This incredible feeling was a result of our anticpation, hope and determination. We want to freeze this priceless moment of pride by holding onto the only group pic that we managed to click on the day of the event.

Thank you to all!