Winja Unplugged | 26 February 2022

winja talk 2022

“What is Cyber Threat Intelligence” by Rishika Desai.

Winja Unplugged | 19 February 2022

winja talk 2022

“Android Pentesting” by Shreyal Jain.

Winja Unplugged | 05 February 2022

winja talk 2022

“Introduction to Threat Modelling” by Siddhant Chouhan.

Winja Unplugged | 29 January 2022

winja talk 2022

“CVE-2018-9206 Workshop” by Sanjay Das.

Winja Unplugged | 22 January 2022

winja talk 2022

“sqlmap: Dumb tool? Smart scans.” by Sanjay Das.

Winja Talks | 30 November 2021

winja talk 2021

“AI vs. Pandemic - The Fine Line Between Protecting Lives and Privacy Intrusion in the times of Global Pandemic” by Sneha Banerjee.

Winja Talks | 09 September 2021

winja talk 2021

“So you want to get into Cybersecurity?” by Aditi Bhatnagar. This talk was focused on speaker’s journey into the field of cybersecurity.

Winja Talks | 26 August 2021

winja talk 2021

“Building Resilient Communities” by Shivani Singh. This talk was focused on creating communities that are robust, resilient, diverse and what goes behind building something like this.

Winja Talks | 03 October 2020

winja talk recent

In this special edition of Winja Talks, we invited three diverse speakers. While two of the speakers have created challenges for our Winja CTF competitions in recent past, the third speaker belongs to a team that has won several Winja CTF competitions organised by us over the years.

Winja Talks | 22 August 2020

winja talk 2020

We invited women speakers to present technical talks on a topic of their choice.